Home Cleaning Services Etobicoke

About Maid Too Clean

Professional Cleaning Company in Etobicoke, Ontario

We have been in business since 2012 providing the best in professional cleaning services. We specialize in home, condo and commercial cleaning in Toronto Greater Area, ON and the surrounding areas. We are trustworthy, reliable, detail oriented and make sure all your surfaces are polished and perfect. Have our cleaning experts come in as frequently as you like. We offer special deals for weekly, bi weekly, and monthly cleaning. Additionally, we offer professional organizing upon request.

We are Eco-Friendly

We care about our environmental impact. We use only certified EcoLogo cleaning products and they are already included in the price. Our products are healthier for your home and safer for the your family, pets, and the local environment.

We are Efficient

We place cleaning kits at the homes of our recurring customers. The kit includes everything we need to perform the cleaning based on our clients’ request and home materials. The benefits of doing this ensure that all required products are at the site of home cleaning, so there is no need to move from home to home. By not needing to unpack and repack cleaning products, we can spend more time ensuring your home is spotless.

Besides, these kits help us eliminate the risk of cleaning cross contamination which could potentially harm the individuals involved including you as a homeowner or your family or guests. Our cleaning professionals are trained and equipped to know that by placing individual kits we are able to prevent cross-contamination between home cleanings.

Using the same equipment in every home could make your home susceptible to other people’s germs and bacteria. For example, cross-contamination can happen when the same cloth is used to clean around a toilet and then clean the restroom countertop. It could even start a bedbug, roach or flea problem. However, by placing individual cleaning equipment, we ensure that you are less likely to inherit somebody else’s infestation, thereby protecting your home and keeping it sanitized and safe.

We are Professionals

Our cleaning professionals have been trained to deal with every kind of dust-busting challenge. We are sensitive to allergy specific requirements or any other requests to ensure the safety and health of your loved ones.

We are punctual, trustworthy, reliable and regard every home to the highest standards during execution. Our efficient cleaning habits guarantee minimal interference with the daily bustle of living while still keeping your life organized and running as smoothly as possible.